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About the course

This course covers the details of designing highly available and scalable applications and services on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

In this course, you learn how to configure autoscaling with Compute Engine instance groups. You also configure a highly available architecture to serve web content across multiple fault-tolerant instance groups in different zones using a load balancer. This part of the course also includes an introductory lab on Google Cloud Deployment Manager to help you further automate the management and deployment of Google Cloud Platform resources.

Finally, this course also includes a lab to walk you through the process of turning down and deleting the projects you used in this specialization. It’s important to work through this lab to avoid being charged for resources you no longer need.


  • Module 12: Autoscaling
  • Lab: Autoscaler
  • Module 13: Load Balancing
  • Lab: Load Balancing
  • Lab: Deployment Manager
  • Lab: Cleanup


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